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What is Composite Materials?

Composite Materials

   Composite materials are made up of two or more materials, each with its own set of qualities. When two or more materials are combined, they form a composite material with considerably varied chemical or physical properties. Individual components stay distinct from one other in the final structure, distinguishing composites from mixes and solid solutions.

Composite Materials are defined as materials that are made up of two or more different

Composite materials are materials that are created by combining two or more constituent materials.

  Today, a variety of composite materials are used to fulfil the difficulties and demands of a technologically evolved world. Composite materials are used in a variety of applications, from space shuttles to massive construction projects, for example.  Apart from the combined qualities of materials, properties such as being less expensive, lighter in weight, and stronger when compared to typical materials are another reason for the increased use of composite materials.

 Some of the typical examples of composite materials include:

  • Reinforced concrete,
  • Wooden composite materials
  • Ceramic material composites
  • Metal composite matrix
  • Reinforced plastics, etc.

These materials are mostly used to construct bridges, buildings, and a variety of other structures. Swimming pool panels, boat hulls, racing car bodies, shower stalls, bathtubs, cultured marble sinks, storage tanks, imitation granites, and countertops are examples.

Type of composite

  • Random- fibre or short fibre reinforcement.
  • Continuous fibre or the long fibre reinforcement
  • Particulate reinforcement
  • Filler reinforcement
  • Flake reinforcement.